I enjoy helping people. I love to work with my hands. I started this blog to indulge in both of my passions.

To make the housekeeping on a website easier than using most brands of soap, there is a group of software programs called plug-ins.


A Plug-in, is a software program designed for a specific purpose.


The plug-ins, software programs, installed on this website do the housekeeping functions automatically.


If you do not like housekeeping, this is the website for you. All the housekeeping functions are done automatically. You will not have to do anything.


All of the installed plug-ins are free. There are not any charges for the use of these plug-ins.

Easily solve your storage problems and save money

Here is the list of the installed plugins and a description of what they do.

List of installed plugins

Jetpack by WordPress.com
A really nice plugin from WordPress.
Has a lot of great features.
The sharing feature is configured. All the social service icons are active at the bottom of each page.
The services active are:

Google +1

This plugin puts the social icons at the bottom of every page and post, makes sharing very easy.

Jetpack WordPress Stats are active.
This feature creates simple, concise site stats with no additional load on your server.

When you log into the dashboard, at the bottom of the page a limited version of Site Stats comes up.

In the left hand menu of the dashboard towards the top is the word Jetpack.
Just below the word Jetpack, are the words Site Stats.
Click on Site Stats, a set of stats will come up.

All in One SEO Pack
The title, description and meta tags are installed.

This plugin is very important.
The information in this plugin, is what the search engines use in their display results.

Bad Behavior
An Anti Spam Plugin.
This is a free plugin.

Does the same good job of keeping spammers away, as the paid plugins do.

Google Analytics for WordPress
If you have a Google Analytics account, put the ID of this site in settings.

Google XML Sitemaps
Creates a sitemap for the search engines.
Makes indexing the site easy for the search engines.

If you have a post you want to convert to a page, just click on covert to page and it is done for you automatically.
Likewise, if you have a page you want to convert to a post, just click on convert to post and it is done for you automatically.

WP Content Copy Protection
A plugin that prevents plagiarism and protects your valuable blog content such as source code, text content and images from being copied by others.

WP HTTP Compression
This plugin allows your pages to be compressed in gzip format if a browser supports compression.
Decreases the size of your pages, increasing the speed the page loads in a browser.

This is a very nice set of plugins that help to create a very clean professional site. That may really help your search rankings.
They are all free plugins.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a wonderful day.